Leather Therapy Makes Leather Behave...Beautifully

Leather Care—Problem Solver

Whether your means of transport has hoofs or tyres or soles—or whether you carry a saddlebag or a suitcase, Leather Therapy products will help you to easily maintain and protect your investment—with pride.

Why take care of leather in the first place?

To increase strength.

Independent lab tests prove Leather Therapy Wash and Restorer increases leather strength 36%. When the interior of leather is restored, then its useful life increases dramatically. Leather becomes more comfortable and its safety level is enhanced. Benefit: A more confident rider.

To eliminate damaging mould and mildew problems.

These fungi can ultimately ruin leather. Only Leather Therapy Restorer/Conditioner is considered a “stand alone” product in this category by the EPA and can legitimately make the claim “Inhibits mould and mildew”. This is not hype.

To enhance colour and beauty.

Because Leather Therapy Restorer re-nourishes lost lubricants from the inside-out and dries “dry”, faded colour pigments return to original vibrancy while it minimises cracking and splitting.

From major museum projects and civil war originals to pony clubbers learning the importance of tack care, Leather Therapy proved time and again its claim that it works hard, so you won’t have to.

Anna Carner Blangiforti
President and Founder
Leather Therapy Products