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Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash and Rinse

Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash and Rinse

The one-two punch Refreshes, Cleans and Sanitizes breathable, waterproofed fabrics while caring for synthetic and natural fibre saddle pads, blankets and rain sheets created from hi-tech textiles. Biodegradable and Earth-Friendly of course.

Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash

This laundry concentrate breaks down heavy grime and contaminants. Eliminates odorus and brightens colours.

Saddle Pad and Blanket Rinse

This was created at the suggestion of a noted university Professor/Veterinarian. It provides anti-static benefits in a formula specifically designed to decrease the risk of cross-contamination from odour-causing bacteria and moulds.

Cleans right in your home laundry. Simply add 2 to 4 oz (depending on soil levels) of Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash in the dispenser and 2 to 4 oz of Rinse in the softener dispenser. Use every time article is washed to provide residual sanitising and texturising benefits.