Leather Therapy Makes Leather Behave...Beautifully

Doc Robinson Washes Wife’s Leather Jacket in the Washing Machine!

Heavy Duty magazineA biker washes his wife’s leather jacket in the washing machine of all things, and lives to tell the tale! Read Doc Robinson’s story below, which first appeared in the Issue 97 March/April 2008 “Heavy Duty” magazine (left).

The full text transcript is a little easier to read, and an independent reader’s testimonial follows that.

Love Your Leather Long Time, Leather Therapy by Doc Robinson

“Your leather jacket and trousers really do a pretty important job, what with keeping your skin intact should push ever come to shove, so show your appreciation with this great selection of leather treatment goodies from Leather Therapy.

“The people behind Leather Therapy got going with a range of leather care products for the equestrian field back in 1995, and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, expanding into other fields like motorcycling.

“The Leather Therapy motorsports range comprises a wash, restorer/conditioner, water repellant, leather infusion wash, leather infusion rinse, touch-up leather dye and a leather finish. Collectively, they’ll keep your leathers looking spic and span, whether you bought them last year or last century.

“Editor Brumby recently put the Leather Therapy range through its paces with a leather vest he bought way back in 1976. Afterwards, it not only looked clean and new, it was more supple too, and the touch-up pen got rid of all those scrapes and scratches (shame it doesn’t fit him anymore...)

“The different products are available separately in a variety of different sizes, or you can get most of them in the one handy Motor Sports Sampler.”

“I bought my first leather jacket at age 14 after watching The Wild One, but it wasn’t a Brando-style item as my after school job of refilling oil bottles (remember those?) at a service station (remember them?) didn’t pay enough. I also combed my hair like James Dean and sneered a lot, a la Elvis. But those are stories for another time, because what we’re about here is washing leather. Never, ever over many years of wearing leather, did I ever think I’d stuff a leather jacket into a washing machine. And of course, I didn’t experiment on any of my own leather, nosirree Bob, but I was all-too-ready to sacrifice wife Jane’s jacket in the cause of product testing. Fortunately for my relationship, the Leather Infusion Wash and Leather Infusion Rinse, both from Leather Therapy, do everything they claim to do.

1. Jane's 18 year-old well-worn leather jacket “1. Jane’s 18 year-old well-worn leather jacket, showing the signs of many kilometres
leather is getting tired in places “2. You can plainly see the leather’s getting a bit tired in places
Magic in a bottle “3. Magic in a bottle—
the Leather Therapy Infusion Wash Buy and Rinse Buy
Leather jacket placed in old pillow case for protection “4. Not having a garment bag, Jane stuffed the jacket into an old pillow case. The appropriate amount of wash and rinse liquids are then added to the washing machine dispenser, and the cold water wash cycle is begun
Jacket looks brand new “5. Looking brand new, the revitalised leather jacket feels soft to the touch and ready to give years more service. A side benefit of being able to wash leather is that sewn-on cloth badges also coming clean and new too. The products have certainly lived up to their claims and Leather Therapy’s slogan—‘Makes leather behave...beautifully’”Like brand new

Caution: Not all leather items can be washed in a machine. Please read “Washing Leather in a Washing Machine” before washing any leather item in a washing machine, or feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

“G’day Doc. We met on the OTAA80 ride. Mike Hinch aka Talkback. I am writing in response to your excellent article about the Leather Therapy product. I was so impressed by your test run of the product that I decided to have a go myself. Only trouble is, there are no distributors in Victoria. I contacted the web site and the LT blokes arranged for me to obtain their product. The whole process worked just like you said, but you might want to mention a word to the wise...Don’t be like me and ignore some of the instructions on the pack. When it says “use the gentle cycle” on your washing machine, it means “USE THE FU#*@(NG GENTLE CYCLE!!”. I just thought “yeah, yeah” and whacked my jacket in. Now the fact that the machine destroyed the lining of my 1972 Stagg Brando was not an issue for me because I had already decided to have the jacket rehabilitated and have a new lining sewn in. But for anyone out there who wants to keep their 36 year old jacket in original order, then they would be advised to follow the instructions correctly. In addition to the beautiful cleaning job done by this product, the Leather Finish treatment is the icing on the cake. The collar of my old jacket shows the real signs of old wear. I was astonished to see it recover its actual surface on the wear spots.”
- Mike Hinch aka Talkback

Post-Washing Care

Leather Therapy FinishLeather Therapy Finish

Leather Therapy Finish is a clear protective formula to shield your leather items from the elements while giving them a great new shine. Not recommended for use on leather intended to have a non-shiny appearance. Buy

Leather Therapy Water RepellantLeather Therapy Water Repellant

Leather Therapy Water Repellant protects leather, suede and nubuck from water, alcohol, coffee, tea, dirt, mud and salt. It will not change the colour, gloss, feel or breathability of leather and there are no silicones, waxes, oils or hydrocarbons. Unlike Finish, the repellant will not make the leather look shiny. If anything it tends to give the leather a more matt finish so is best not used on anything you want to look glossy. Buy

Leather Therapy Touchup Dye (Black Only)Leather Therapy Touchup Dye (Black Only)

The Touchup Dye is only available in black, but is perfect for touching up nicks, scratches and dings on jackets, pants, racing suits, gloves, boots, belts, saddlebags, luggage, car and motorcycle seats, lounges, and any other black leather items you may own. Touchup is a genuine leather dye and very permanent. It will not add any stiffness to the leather and dries to a matt-semi gloss finish. Buy