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How Do I Clean Leather Gloves?

cleaning leather glovesLeather gloves can be washed on your hands (instructions below) or in a washing machine!
For best results, wash before they become too soiled.
White gloves must not be washed with coloured articles.
Coloured gloves may be washed with other articles of a similar colour.

If your gloves are mouldy or mildewed please read Removing Mould and Mildew from Leather first.

put gloves on to restore shape and softness

Please visit this page for how to machine wash leather items.

Post-Washing Care

Leather Therapy FinishLeather Therapy Finish

Leather Therapy Finish is a clear protective formula to shield your leather items from the elements while giving them a great new shine. Not recommended for use on leather intended to have a non-shiny appearance. Buy

Leather Therapy Water RepellantLeather Therapy Water Repellant

Leather Therapy Water Repellant protects leather, suede and nubuck from water, wine, tea, coffee, dirt, mud and salt. It will not change the colour, gloss, feel or breathability of leather and there are no silicones, waxes, oils or hydrocarbons. Unlike Finish, the repellant will not make the leather look shiny. If anything it tends to give the leather a more matt finish so is best not used on anything you want to look glossy. Buy

Leather Therapy Touchup Dye (Black Only)Leather Therapy Touchup Dye (Black Only)

The Touchup Dye is only available in black, but is perfect for touching up nicks, scratches and dings on gloves, jackets, pants, racing suits, car and motorcycle seats, saddles, boots, belts, saddlebags, luggage, lounges, and any other black leather items you may own. Touchup is a genuine leather dye and very permanent. It will not add any stiffness to the leather and dries to a matt-semi gloss finish. Buy