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How Do I Clean Fleece Slippers and Small Leather Items?

Machine wash leather with Leather Therapy Infusion Wash and Infusion Rinse
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Salt, soils, sweat and odour-causing bacteria and moulds can adhere to inner fibres—and shorten the life, and look, of the leather. Now you can refresh these items with Leather Infusion Wash and Leather Infusion Rinse.

Note: Some very high-fashion and delicate shoes should not be dunked in water. Glues that secure soles, ornamentation, and leather parts may weaken and linings may not be able to withstand soaking. For these shoes we recommend Leather Therapy products for topical leather care.

What you’ll need:

  1. Always test for colourfastness using a dampened white cloth towel in a hidden area. If colour comes off easily, you should be aware that the entire article will “bleed” dye onto other areas of the item
  2. Bowl #1: Mix approximately 1 quart (950mL) of cool water with 2 to 4 oz (59 to 118 ml) of Leather Infusion Wash
  3. If possible, remove any loose or decorative accessories for separate washing and drying
  4. Dip cloth or brush into washing solution and clean away soils and moulds. For offensive odour control you may want to quickly dunk and swish item in Infusion Wash solution. Try not to saturate leather
  5. Dry quickly using paper toweling or absorbent cloth
  6. Liberally apply Leather Infusion Rinse to the smooth leather article using a sponge to help maintain the leather’s flexibility while it dries

If the washed item is suede, please use a stiff suede brush to gently restore the nap.