Leather Therapy Makes Leather Behave...Beautifully

Testimonials for Leather Therapy Equestrian Products

Saddle before Leather Therapy
Saddle after Leather Therapy

“Judy’s Tack Shop has been carrying your products for several years now with good success; however, we recently received a badly moulded and mildewed saddle that proved to be the ultimate test. The saddle, an older Hermes Steinkraus, had been left in a basement for years with no care. To make matters worse the basement flooded and the saddle was left to mould and mildew extensively for weeks. Not an inch of the leather was unaffected. The flaps were so stiff and curled under it looked as though they were folded. The leather was in the worst condition possible. Up for the challenge, we took the saddle to be restored. We began by using Leather Therapy WASH and took the offending mildew off successfully within a few rounds. Now totally clean, we used Leather Therapy Restorer/Conditioner to restore the moisture balance and “life” to the leather. A rich patina emerged and the saddle looked as though it had been well cared for, not left to mildew in a wet basement. The customer was amazed with the results and could not believe it was the same saddle. Please know ‘Judy's Tack Shop’ recommends and uses your products with confidence.”
- Amy L., Judy’s Tack Shop, Tennessee

“Richmond Laundry have been using Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash for many years now. We wash about 50 horse rugs each week and a lot of our customers have waterproof rugs. Over the years we have found Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash ideal for washing these rugs. Ordinary detergent is harsh on the waterproof material, whereas Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash is gentle and helps to maintain the waterproofing. All our customers are very happy with the end result and return to us and ask for Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash for their rugs. We are very happy customers of Unicorn Products and will continue to use Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash for all our horse rug needs.”
Richmond Laundry, 138 Windsor Street, RICHMOND NSW 2753
Ph/Fax: (02) 4578 1441
Mob: 0403 806 665

“I just wanted to write you a note about the Leather Therapy products. I was the head animal wrangler on the HBO mini-series John Adams, which is playing now. If you have been watching, you have seen that we filmed in rain, snow, sleet and even sunshine. When we started filming the show in January of 2007, I had all of the saddles cleaned and conditioned with the Leather Therapy products. We then used our tack in every kind of weather condition, doing nothing but wiping them off for the next 6 months. At the end of the show, the saddles were put up in my saddle barn where they are stored. I went up yesterday to inspect them and there is no drying out, mold or mildew on the saddles. Other than being a little dusty, they look just like they did a year ago. I keep trying to challenge your products, but continue to be amazed at how easy it is to use, how long it continues to work and how little you need to treat the leather. We used less than a quart to treat some 20 saddles, bridles and harness. I wish everything dealing with horses was as good and simple to use as Leather Therapy!”
- Doug Sloan

“A few months ago I asked the people at Leather Therapy if they could restore a bridle that had belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. [...] There were cracks beginning to form, and the leather itself was gummy from years of saddle soap. [...] This bridle has great sentimental value and I was anxious to see it restored. I was absolutely amazed at what [Leather Therapy] was able to do. The bridle has regained its original suppleness and soft shine. Leather Therapy has made the leather something that now can be passed down through generations without the fear it will mildew or dry out and be worthless.”
- (indecipherable), New Jersey

“Last year I met a lady in Peru who told me about how well your products worked on horse leathers. Since it worked so well on those pieces of leather, I decided to try the Restorer on an old leather hat I wear when riding my Harley. It brought it back to life immediately. The logical progression is that I would try it on my leather jacket, starting with the conditioner. Amazing. No greasy feel or obnoxious smell. On to saddlebags, seats and seat backs on my Harley Softtail Classic. It made them look like new—like the day I bought the cycle. But the most delightful side benefit is one you may not be aware of. When doing the leather on the cycle, several times I have over-sprayed onto the chrome. Your product is the easiest thing I have found to polish and brighten the chrome. And it’s all done in one step along with the leather. Thanks for coming up with this product. I will not be without it.”
- Rev. R. Rozeboom, Colorado

“I'm writing to you in order to rave about your Leather Laundry Solution. I had a pair of suede schooling chaps that were hanging in the barn for well over a year. As a result, they were green with mould, and as stiff as cardboard. I tried brushing the mould off, but no luck. I thought taking them to a professional leather cleaner would cost almost as much as a new pair, and was about to throw them away. Then I found your Laundry Solution at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. I brought it home, and threw my chaps in the washing machine!! Never thought I'd say that. My chaps came out clean, the nap was restored on both the inside of the leg and the bottom where they drag on the ground. The stiffness is gone; they are as soft and pliable as when they were new. Your Laundry Solution is the talk of the town. Everyone I know is running out and buying some. Now I’m planning on washing my half-chaps, and all my leather riding gloves. Thanks for making this wonderful product.”
- Elizabeth L.

“I have been wanting to clean a sheepskin jacket, so I bought Leather Therapy Laundry Solution as well as Rinse and Dressing. Being a timid soul, I decided to try them on something else first. Enter “The Old Cowboy Jacket”, which I bought on Ebay 4 or 5 years ago. It was dirty; it was stiff; it was mangy, and worst of all, it smelled like an old cowboy. I tried Fabreze. I tried putting it in a box with freshly ground coffee. I tried letting it air out for a few years, during which time it became truly stiff as a board and mildewed (the curse of the South). The result was beyond my wildest expectations! I had no idea what colour this thing was (it’s a nice golden brown). It’s clean! It’s supple! The mildew is gone! And it no longer smells like an old cowboy! I am delighted. Nothing better than a product that does what it claims and then some.”
- D. Harrison, Georgia

“I have used Leather Therapy for 2 years on my riding equipment. It was recommended at my stables to prevent mildew, and to clean, condition, soften and protect the leather.

“I have applied Leather Therapy to the leather upholstery in my 1965 Aton Martin where the leather has dried and cracked over the years. The results were truly remarkable and the upholstery was restored to a wonderful seasoned feel, whilst retaining the marks, patina and blemishes of time and use.

“About 6 months ago I applied Leather Therapy to my leather luggage (mostly Hartmann), some of which is over 15 years old. The results were quite amazing!

“The bruises, scratches and glue stains from multiple stickers created a pleasant pattern with the overall suppleness and restoration of a quality feel. Some of the newer pieces including garment bags etc which we bought a year ago as a 14 piece set were treated separately in spite of Hartmann’s recommendation to use only water. The tan leather acquired a warmer look, with a velvety feel which is so pleasant to touch; it seems impervious to the rough wear and tear of air-travel handling.

“...The suppleness of the garment bags makes them an even greater pleasure to use.

“I am delighted with the results of treatment by Leather Therapy and am prepared to send you some of my luggage for demonstration.

“Leather Therapy seems to be a unique and remarkable product for those who take pleasure in the durable, natural feel of quality leather.”
- George Meller, Florida