Leather Therapy Makes Leather Behave...Beautifully

Testimonials for Leather Therapy Household Products

Versace black nappa leather jacket“Re Versace jacket “Black” nappa leather: the jacket is in very good condition—I have used the “Leather Finish” ‘sparingly’ with sponge and it’s renewed the depth of the blackness and given it a semi-gloss shine. I tested a spot first of course. I feel it’s done an excellent job. It’s made this item look for new I guess.The back is embroided with crocodile skin, no problems. The jacket was purchased from the Versace Boutique on 5th Ave New York for $19,000 USD. Only 5 were ever made, it’s a rare piece of art which is wearable.

Hettabretz Purple Ostrich leather jacket“I also have a “Hettabretz Purple Ostrich” jacket—again I’ve used the “Leather Finish” only on this and again it’s given the leather more depth. This jacket was sold for $15,000 USD from Rodeo Drive Hollywood but made in Italy by the “Hettabretz” fashion house. Ostrich leather has many pimbles on the skin from the quill removal of course.

John Galliano Hearts and Roses white leather jacket“Lastly a white “John Galliano” very soft lambskin biker’s jacket. Brand new condition. “Leather Finish” only used. Because of its white colour you can’t see any obvious difference, however it has the coating. This one is about $5,000 USD, has an embroided hearts and roses on the back, very colourful, no problems, again only used sparingly, just lightly.”

- , New South Wales

“I used Leather Therapy for the first time yesterday. Its performance beats the claims made for it. The leather couch which received therapy looks new. My customer is delighted and gave bottles of Leather Therapy to her family for their furniture. Your product lets me offer a quality cleaning service to my customers. It helps me meet more of their furniture restoration needs. I will tell our head office in Atlanta about your product. Thank you and Leather Therapy.”
- (indecipherable), “Furniture Medic” New Jersey

“I have used Leather Therapy for 2 years on my riding equipment. It was recommended at my stables to prevent mildew, and to clean, condition, soften and protect the leather.

“I have applied Leather Therapy to the leather upholstery in my 1965 Aton Martin where the leather has dried and cracked over the years. The results were truly remarkable and the upholstery was restored to a wonderful seasoned feel, whilst retaining the marks, patina and blemishes of time and use.

“About 6 months ago I applied Leather Therapy to my leather luggage (mostly Hartmann), some of which is over 15 years old. The results were quite amazing!

“The bruises, scratches and glue stains from multiple stickers created a pleasant pattern with the overall suppleness and restoration of a quality feel. Some of the newer pieces including garment bags etc which we bought a year ago as a 14 piece set were treated separately in spite of Hartmann’s recommendation to use only water. The tan leather acquired a warmer look, with a velvety feel which is so pleasant to touch; it seems impervious to the rough wear and tear of air-travel handling.

“...The suppleness of the garment bags makes them an even greater pleasure to use.

“I am delighted with the results of treatment by Leather Therapy and am prepared to send you some of my luggage for demonstration.

“Leather Therapy seems to be a unique and remarkable product for those who take pleasure in the durable, natural feel of quality leather.”
- George Meller, Florida