Leather Therapy Makes Leather Behave...Beautifully

Testimonials for Leather Therapy Motor Sports Products

“Before I used Leather Therapy on my motorcycle seat people would ask ‘what are those marks on your seat?’—now all they say is what do you use to make your seat look so good, or when did you get your new seat?...I also wanted to tell you that before I had received your Leather Therapy products my motorcycle dealer had offered to replace my seat at no charge, but after a couple of applications of Restorer and Conditioner I told them to forget it!”
- John Leroux, Newton Falls, New York

“I have used Leather Therapy for 2 years on my riding equipment. It was recommended at my stables to prevent mildew, and to clean, condition, soften and protect the leather.

“I have applied Leather Therapy to the leather upholstery in my 1965 Aton Martin where the leather has dried and cracked over the years. The results were truly remarkable and the upholstery was restored to a wonderful seasoned feel, whilst retaining the marks, patina and blemishes of time and use.

“About 6 months ago I applied Leather Therapy to my leather luggage (mostly Hartmann), some of which is over 15 years old. The results were quite amazing!

“The bruises, scratches and glue stains from multiple stickers created a pleasant pattern with the overall suppleness and restoration of a quality feel. Some of the newer pieces including garment bags etc which we bought a year ago as a 14 piece set were treated separately in spite of Hartmann’s recommendation to use only water. The tan leather acquired a warmer look, with a velvety feel which is so pleasant to touch; it seems impervious to the rough wear and tear of air-travel handling.

“...The suppleness of the garment bags makes them an even greater pleasure to use.

“I am delighted with the results of treatment by Leather Therapy and am prepared to send you some of my luggage for demonstration.

“Leather Therapy seems to be a unique and remarkable product for those who take pleasure in the durable, natural feel of quality leather.”
- George Meller, Florida

“I just tried Leather Laundry Solution and Laundry Rinse and Dressing to clean my motorcycle racing leather, a one piece suit. The results are spectacular! The suit was covered with salt, various bugs, sweat, etc. and now it looks and smells brand new! I have to admit I was skeptical...and a bit nervous about subjecting my expensive suit to the ‘therapy’. So, first I tried it on a pair of leather pants that took a beating in a minor crash. They came out looking nearly brand new. The areas that received some ‘rash’ from the asphalt looked refreshed and reconditioned. Now I will recommend your product to my racing friends who are always trying to figure out how to clean race suits safely and inexpensively. Thank you for a great product!”
- Liz H., NC Racing Instructor

“I was so impressed by [a recent Heavy Duty magazine] test run of the product that I decided to have a go myself. [...] The whole process worked just like you said, but you might want to mention a word to the wise...Don’t be like me and ignore some of the instructions on the pack. When it says “use the gentle cycle” on your washing machine, it means “USE THE FU#*@(NG GENTLE CYCLE!!”. I just thought “yeah, yeah” and whacked my jacket in. Now the fact that the machine destroyed the lining of my 1972 Stagg Brando was not a an issue for me because I had already decided to have the jacket rehabilitated and have a new lining sewn in. But for anyone out there who wants to keep their 36 year old jacket in original order, then they would be advised to follow the instructions correctly. In addition to the beautiful cleaning job done by this product, the Leather Finish treatment is the icing on the cake. The collar of my old jacket shows the real signs of old wear. I was astonished to see it recover its actual surface on the wear spots.”
- Mike Hinch aka Talkback